Paper to CAD

Converting paper drawings to CAD format enables you to store your drawing files more efficiently on your servers.

MEP CAD Services can convert your paper drawings to CAD and provide you with your finished CAD files and in PDF format if required.

Once in digital format, finding and sharing drawings is a whole lot easier.

There is no need to find that old paper copy, photo copy it and post it on to the engineer.  Instead just get it up on the screen and share it via email or Cloud technology to anywhere in the world.

Also if the project is revisited for extensions, maintenance or for a refurb, any alternations and additions can be easily applied without having to go back to the drawing board.

  • Paper to CAD precision conversion.
  • Old hand drawn layouts, redrawn manually in Autocad
  • 100% drawn using the latest AutoCAD software
  • Redrawing with CAD allows extra detail to be added at anytime
  • Reducing paper storage problems
  • Great results from redraws producing pin sharp prints
  • tif. pdf. Jpeg. Dimensioned and  redrawn not scanned